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Human activity is having a damaging effect on the environment through the production of green house gases (GHG). All human activities produce GHG, the most important ones being Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Methane (CH4).  Our section on Education on Climate Change provides further information. 

As a result more and more organisations are putting green growth at the heart of their long term business strategy. An efficient gas emissions management strategy will reduce a business' carbon footprint and  even provide better returns for many businesses.  Ecological Sense offers an environmental consultancy service  designed to help you achieve this.

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Ecological Sense
is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals manage their carbon emissions. The effects of climate change are already apparent, and in today's carbon conscious economy, businesses and individuals are continually attempting to lower their carbon emissions and  'Go Green'.

We offer affordable solutions for the effective management and reduction of your carbon footprint. We encourage businesses to take responsibility for their carbon emissions thereby taking an active role in managing climate change. 

benefits for businesses of a carbon reduction scheme are numerous; good environmental practise reduces the running costs of your business, often offsetting the cost of the audit process, as well as reducing ongoing operational costs. It is a 'win-win' situation where the environment benefits and you see increased economic returns. 

   '60% of FTSE companies see climate change as an opportunity' 
The Carbon Trust
With increasing government regulation, and consumer and investor pressure to address the issue of green house gas emissions and climate change, taking no action may prove to be a costly choice. Current business trends are resulting in organisations moving towards setting a strong example in their sector by publicly reporting on their environmental performance in the same way they report on their financial performance. Ecological Sense specialises in providing businesses with the tools to archive this competitive edge.

Our Approach                                                         

Ecological Sense takes a holistic approach to
climate change. We offer a fully rounded service; which includes education on climate change and on reducing emissions, tailor made carbon audits for your organisation; certified or verified, quality carbon offset projects. We are proud of our comprehensive  carbon strategy
which will help your business become carbon neutral.

                 Our Comprehensive Carbon Strategy


Educate             Audit           Reduce         Offset         Communicate


At Ecological Sense we believe that education on climate change is fundamental to a greener future. We offer extensive education on issues relating to climate change and the environment for your employees. We can provide a wealth of up to date resources on the subject. Through education, we aim to increase awareness of climate change and teach individuals how to lower their emissions using simple measures that can be implemented both at work and at home, and which will significantly reduce energy costs and waste.

Lowering emissions is our first priority, however not all emissions can be eliminated. We offer certified or verified Carbon Reduction Projects to offset these remaining emissions. 

  Working with
Ecological Sense towards
Carbon Neutrality
                                                    .....towards a better
us and for them



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